About Us

About Al-Qamra International Trade

Al-Qamra is a leading Indentor and representative in Building materials like all kind of Steel, Aluminium, White Timber, Plywood, Sanitary ware, Ceramic Tiles, Manhole Covers & Hardware items etc in Qatar. With the on going construction boom in the gulf region, we try to provide each and every customer better products at a very competitive price. We represent very well known international companies from all over the world, which comply with the most depending certificates in the field of quality and safety like to make sure we have the best performance and service. Our range of products is completely based on customers demand. You name it and we deliver it.

AL-QAMRA INTERNATIONAL TRADE, a reputed Indenting House was established in 1985 under the chairmanship of Mr. Saleh Mohamed Alqamra. The team was assisted by highly experienced staff which included Mr. Harish M. Kanjani as Chief Executive, Mr. T.C. Tilokani and Mr. Ramesh M. Kanjani.

Most important of all everyone at Al-Qamra is dedicated to the task of ensuring Competitive prices with your specifications and above all timely deliveries.